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Warsaw, capital of Poland, is the largest and most representative city in the country. During my stay, with the Erasmus Scholarship, I realized the following projects..."


social setting for various university activities




OBJECTIVES: create an axe of maximum mobility point of ATRACTION of young people conccect the center of the city with the university area.


INTERACTION AREA: The project stems from the square Polytechnic, continuous noakowkiego street, follow to EMILII PLATER street until the end in aleje erozolimskie.


PROPOSAL: create a main axe using Emilii Plater street to that will be the connection between CENTRUM and UNIVERSITY area. The project is based on reducing the width of the road, now 8 meters to 5 meters, eliminating the parking areas. The intervention is to create social setting for various university activities along the axis and two parking areas to compensate the removed ones.


RESULT: After analyzed the area, the best location of the project is on the Emilii Plater street due the limited traffic that it has and its amplitude. It is the best axe that connects the Center of the city with the University area.  



autor: Laura Elvira
localización: Stanisława Noakowskiego. Warsaw, Poland
fecha: mayo2012


objetivos: desarrollo| diseño| relación con el entorno


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